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Digital Ink is an innovative 3D design and web/software agency.

With more than 20 years of cumulative experience, our team works with top international clients (London, New York etc) on original, world-class projects.

The Start-up culture at Digital Ink is one of our major strengths:

No bureaucracy, creativity and a results-driven culture: our talented professionals develop their high potential in an anglo-saxon work environment. Everything is done to provide our clients with high-performance, ready-to-use solutions.

Digital Ink – Innovative Web, AR and Design Agency


Your website in mobile version: A MUST!

The smartphone revolution has an immediate consequence: if your website is not readable on a mobile device, you won’t be read and your website will progressively lose its audience. Digital Ink can create a mobile version of your existing website, and even go further with a dedicated app on iPhone and Android. In addition, Digital Ink puts its deep technical SEO know-how at your disposal in order to optimise your Google (or other search engine) page rank and to offer maximum visibility to your online presence.

Digital Ink – Innovative Web, AR and Design Agency


Dedicated tools for your educational and financial needs

Our team includes top graduate lecturers at American universities and brings a wealth of experience when it comes to financial products and education. Specifically, our founders have 15 years of proven experience in each of the three areas of IT/software, education/e-learning and financial products/institutions. Digital Ink is your partner of choice when deploying high quality e-learning programs and explaining/using complex financial products in simple yet powerful ways.

Digital Ink – Innovative Web, AR and Design Agency


Your image and products custom-made

The first impression you make comes from your graphic identity. It represents your values, style and personality. Digital Ink offers you a full suite of solutions, from original logo creation, business cards and brochures. Our web design experts can also refresh the look of your website and develop computer-generated graphics and 3D videos to present your products and services in a mind blowing way.

Digital Ink – Innovative Web, AR and Design Agency


Be a step ahead of your competitors

The ongoing revolution coming from Silicon Valley makes it possible to offer new marketing tools to present your products and services to your clients. Digital Ink is at the forefront of progress in this area and can suggest concrete solutions that will provide you with the little extra that makes the difference in a client pitch. Please contact us for a hands-on demo of our latest innovations. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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